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Maximum Damage

Post  EXODUS on Thu Sep 30, 2010 10:08 am

I constantly see people asking questions about the maximum amount of damage a Goliath can do, and there always seems to be someone talking about huge numbers that just don't add up.

So here's a little calculation that I hope will help.

I have not included shared boosters as they require more than one ship.
These calcs are based on a 1v1 scenario.

15 x LF3 = 2,250
16 x LF3 x 20% drone bonus = 2,880

Total = 5,130

5130 x 10% damage (reg booster) = 5,643
5643 x 10% damage (pro booster) = 6,207.3

6207.3 x 40% Seprom boost = 8,690.22

That’s with x1 ammo.
So with whites you’re hitting 34,760.88 maximum damage per volley.
With RSB-75 you’d hit 52,141.32 maximum per volley.

Add in Sepped rockets (PLT-2021) at 4,000 damage per shot.
4,000 x 10% damage (reg booster) = 4,400
4,400 x 10% damage (pro booster) = 4,840

4,840 x 40% Seprom boost = 6,776

Now add in Hellstorm rockets.
If all 5 are fired from an elite launcher, your maximum damage potential is 25,000 per volley. That number came right from a game admin.

25,000 x 10% damage (reg booster) = 27,500
27,500 x 10% damage (pro booster) = 30,250

30,250 x 40% Seprom boost = 42,350

So assuming all your ammo/weapons do their absolute maximum possible damage, and assuming there is some lag and both rocket types hit at the same time, and all the stars are in perfect alignment…..

101,267.32 is the absolute maximum damage you can do at any given time.
(Not including shared boosters)

Even if you could hit with UCB-50 and RSB-75 at the exact same time (which isn’t possible), that would still only give you 136,028.2 as an absolute maximum for damage.

And this is assuming you have a suicide config equipped (no shields).

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