Forum Rules <--- PLEASE READ

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Forum Rules <--- PLEASE READ

Post  EXODUS on Tue Sep 14, 2010 10:36 am

This forum is intended to be a place where players of Dark Orbit can voice their opinions freely and openly.
It is also a place where players are free to ask questions about game play, and get advice from more experienced players.

We do not have a lot of silly rules and regulations to limit your freedom of speech.
However we do have a few rules that all users of this forum must adhere to.

Consider these the 10 commandments of the DO Player's Forum.

1. Constructive arguments are always welcome.
However keep in mind that this forum is no place for humiliation, ridicule, harm, or any other form of racial or sexual bias. It will NOT be tolerated here.
Furthermore, physical threats on any person in this forum will be treated with immediate and permanent expulsion.
There are no second chances for this offense, so please restrain yourself and try to remain calm before making any post.

2. Any conversation or posting that incites, encourages, or otherwise facilitates criminal activity is expressly forbidden.
Also, please keep in mind that all postings are viewable by the general public. This includes the authorities who may be able to use information posted here as evidence in a court of law.

3. NEVER post any personal information in these forums. Always remember this forum is open to the public. Keep yourself and your information safe by avoiding posts that could compromise your security or the security of any of your online accounts.

4. All posts in these forums MUST be in English. A non-English language forum may be introduced in the future, pending the success of this one. However for the time being other languages are not allowed here, as we do not have the resources to deal with them.

5. Always try to use good spelling and grammar in your posts. This not only helps keep the forum "clean and tidy" but it also helps others to better understand and more easily read your posts.
And remember: TURN OFF THE CAPS LOCK!!
Posts in all capital letters will be deleted. Users who persistently post in this manner will be dealt with.

6. When posting, please be patient when awaiting your reply. If you have additional information to add to your original posts, it's always preferable to edit the original post instead of making a new one.
However if you feel a second post in the same thread will help you make your point more clearly then that's acceptable.

7. "Bumping" or spamming threads with meaningless posts is NOT acceptable. Repeated violation will result in action being taken against the user.

8. When posting with a question, be patient. This is not a commercial or professionally managed forum. As such there aren't people here 24 hours a day to answer your questions.
DO NOT create multiple threads about the same issue. This just confuses things and clutters up the forum.

9. The use of external links (other than official links for Dark Orbit) must be approved by an administrator PRIOR to use.
Any advertizements or spam will be met with immediate and permanent expulsion from these forums.

10. The time and effort put in here is all voluntary, so be appreciative of other people's help.
While it's not necessarily a rule, if someone has helped you out try to remember to say thank you.

Forum users who do not follow these rules will be subject to the following (unless otherwise noted above):

First offence: A free 48 hour vacation to banned camp!
Second offence: A whole 2 weeks at banned camp!
Third offence: Extended vacation! 4 whole weeks at banned camp!!
Fourth offence: Thanks for stopping by. We'll see you next year... if you're lucky.

As long as you follow these basic rules, you are free to post and discuss all things Dark Orbit on this (unofficial) player's forum.

Have fun and be good to each other.

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